QMiner is developed by AILab at Jozef Stefan Institute, Quintelligence and other contributors.

The development was started by Blaz Fortuna and is now headed together with Jan Rupnik.

The following people provided significant contribution to the development of QMiner (in alphabetic order): Luka Bradesko, Janez Brank, Carolina Fortuna, Marko Grobelnik, Viktor Jovanoski, Mario Karlovcec, Blaz Kazic, Klemen Kenda, Gregor Leban, Dunja Mladenic, Andrej Muhic, Blaz Novak, Erik Novak, Jost Novljan, Alma Osmic, Miha Papler, Luis Rei, Blaz Sovdat, Tadej Stajner, Luka Stopar, Jasna Urbancic.


The authors would like to acknowledge funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme, under Grant Agreements 288342 (XLike), 611346 (XLime), 611875 (Symphony), 317534 (Sophocles), 318452 (Mobis), 600074 (NRG4Cast), 619437 (Sunseed), 632840 (FI-Impact) and 612329 (ProaSense).

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 636160-2 (Optimum).